In the food industry, perhaps more than in any other industry, your products have to stand out among other rival brands. In today’s hurried society, customers often buy based on price point and packaging appeal equally. If you can harness both, you are going to lead the way in your field. Especially for frozen poultry products, it is important that your outside packaging be extremely appealing upon first sight.

At Excellent Poly Bag Corp., you will find wicketted Poultry Bags designed to do just that. Able to be designed in a gorgeous array of up to 10 colors, these poultry bags are some of the most coveted marketing tools in the food packing industry. When a buyer or customer sees the vibrant color and superior construction of your poultry product package, she will immediately be drawn to your item over the competition.

The Advantage of Wicketted Poultry Bags

Providing ultimate visibility and brand recognition, these poultry bags are shipped wicketted so they can be integrated into your packaging automation. They are ideal for semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging systems as well, so you won’t need to do any adjustments once you receive your bags. Just pack, seal, and you’re ready to go.

Use Excellent Poly Bag Corp.’s online quote system to determine the design and volume of your poultry bags. Lead time is typically three weeks for bag orders, but rush orders can also be placed in half the time. Call or email with your questions or comments.

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