For retailers, bags are your packaging. Interesting thought but true none-the-less. What does packaging (branded poly bags) mean to your marketing strategy?

Well look at it this way, if you do not use any branded poly bags and keep generic shopping bags you have lost out on an opportunity for your customer to carry your name and do the advertising for you. You are missing out on a key marketing opportunity!

The Small Business Administration (SBA) reports advertising provides several key business benefits to your company:

  • It helps you inform customers and prospects about your products and/or services
  • It helps foster a distinct brand identity
  • It builds a positive reputation
  • It encourages repeat business from existing customers
  • It attracts new customers for your business
  • It helps you build sales and revenues over time
  • It promotes your business to potential investors and other key stakeholders

Shopping bags also remain in your customer’s home after they take the products out, offering a reminder that can increase brand recall. For this reason, the shopping bag should be consistent with a brand’s physical store and their in-store experience. The bag will also reinforce the quality services and products you provide and motivate your customers to return to your location(s). Choosing the right shopping bags can inspire purchases, promote customer loyalty, and foster broad brand recognition! All of these elements need to be thoughtfully considered and strategically planned to meet high-quality standards and uphold your brand’s style.

The branding is one piece of the puzzle but having the right bag is equally as important. Therefore, what is going into your bag should guide the type and size you offer. At Excellent Poly we have a variety of size and type options to meet your needs. Our helpful team can guide you through the available options to find the right product for you and your brand. Contact us today for a free quote or call us anytime at 877-768-6555.