Die Cut Handle Bags

What is the turnaround time on your custom die cut bags?
On average, our turnaround time is 4 weeks to ship them to you. This includes custom printing on one side or two sides.
What is the difference between standard die cut handles and fold over die cut handles?

Foldover die cut handle bags are reinforced (extra layer of film) to give extra strength to the carying area. A standard die cut handle is a simple cut out in the plastic.

Can I have different designs on the front and back? Does it cost extra?

Yes, you certainly can have different designs or details on the front and back. And there is no extra cost.

What material can die cut bags be made out of?

Die cut bags are often made of Polyethylene films although on occasion we are asked to make die cut bags with Coex films.

How do I choose what is best for my business?

If you are not sure, just give us a call. Our experts will help you determine what is best for your products and business.

What is one-ply versus double ply?

One-ply (also referred to as single wall bag) is the most common die cut handle bag. Sometimes clients do not want the print or ink exposed at all on the opposite side, for multiple reasons. In that case we add another layer of film for added protection. This is called double ply or double wall bags.

What is the largest width you recommend in a die cut handle bag for a retail store? We have some larger products.

30″ wide is the largest we recommend. Anything wider is just not practical to carry around as it’s to large.