Permanent Tape Closure Bags

Permanent Tape Closure Bags from Excellent Poly are made with self-seal glue, also known as self-seal tape, that is on its lip for easy closure and a one-time seal. Permanent Tape Closure Bags are commonly used as mailer bags, apparel bags, product bags to be shipped or to hold any products that need a bag that stays closed permanently. These Lip and Tape Bags or Self-Seal Bags are available in virtually any size, print colors, or thickness depending on your packaging needs.

Custom Tape Closure Bag Options:

Smallest Dimensions: 3” wide x 4” long
Largest Dimensions: 30” wide x 52” long
Material: Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), or Co.extruded (Coex)
Order Size: Smallest Order 30,000
Color Printing: Up to 10 Colors
Thickness: .001 – .006
Custom Closure: Resealable Tape (open and close) Permanent Tape Closer
Choices: Bottom gussets, perforations, and a captive flap
Bottom Gusset: 0.25 inch – 12.0 inches

Durable and solid
Available in a variety of styles
Made in USA
Available in multiple colors and tints
Made and shipped quickly
Custom Made to Your Specifications

Permanent Tape Closure Bags by Excellent Poly

This video shows Permanent Tape Closer Bags, also known as permanent tape seal bags, being custom printed and die cut for a handles during the manufacturing process. This bag has a multi-color process print. It is being sealed and separated into individual bags. They are then placed in cartons and ready to be shipped and used.

Custom Tape Closure Bags for Your Marketing Needs

As a provider of custom permanent tape closure bags, we understand the importance of representing your brand and product appropriately–in a functional yet stylish fashion. Your packaging acts as marketing materials for your business, and we understand that. Ensure your company is represented the right way with custom options from Excellent Poly. To order, complete the form below or call us at 877.768.6555 for a quote!

Unlimited Options

Customizable: Available in any color, size and thickness.

Options: Our bags come in a number of tints and are available to be customized to your needs. Have a company logo you’d like on the bag? We can do that. Have multiple logos you’d like put on the bags? We can do that, too.

Efficient: Orders for non-printed bags can be available and ready to ship within days and printed bags within 10 days to 2 weeks.

Superb Client Service

You’ll be amazed at just how quickly Excellent Poly can turn around your order. Our typical lead time for an order is around three weeks, but we are 100% prepared to help when time gets tight with our expedited service.

Rush orders for non-printed bags can be shipped in around a week, while printed bags can be prepared as quickly as 10 days to two weeks. If you need a custom design, but don’t have the expertise – don’t worry! We have designers on staff who can assist you in creating the wicketed bag you envision.

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